Top 5 All-Inclusive WordPress SEO Plugins

To reach optimal number of visitors it’s almost crucial that you do some work on the site SEO. If you happen to use WordPress there are a large number of different plugins available to help you up.

To avoid multiple plugins to slow up the site and the pain of keeping all of the up-to-date  I prefer using a single plugin that contains all the important SEO features.

Here I will list my opinion of the five most interesting candidates when it comes to choose an all-inclusive SEO plugin to improve a site’s ranking.

1. All In One SEO Pack


This one is a super popular plugin that has been there for years. It has all the features that basic user whould ever need. However some of the features are for paying users only.

The user interface of the plugin is light and pleasant.

Some of the features are meta information editing, support for XML sitemaps, and easy Google Analytics integration. If you happen to use custom post types there is a support for that too.

Most plugins that have WooCommerce support requires you to pay for it but at least in the time writing this article All In One SEO Pack offers that feature for free.

The premium plan includes advanced support and some features such as video SEO module.

All in all the All In One SEO Pack is a great plugin and also quite beginner friendly. If you don’t mind paying a bit for extra features this one is a solid candidate for anyone.

The plugin has annual fees that start from $136 for a single site, and end up to $1118 for any number of sites.

2. Yoast SEO


Somewhat as popular as All In One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO offers a wide range of different features. Meta descriptions, titles, and social sharing info can be set individually for each post.

Premium features include Local SEO, video SEO, internal link recommedations, to name a few.

One nice feature is that the plugin gives you recommedations on how to write your article and other fields in a SEO friendly manner. On the other hand that can be sometimes frustrating if you already know what suits you best.

The plugin helps you to optimize your content for a specified keywords. The free version has only a support for a single keyword per post, while the premium version supports up to 5 keywords.

Yoast SEO is too quite beginner friendly. The cost for a single site is 79€ and that includes one year free updates and customer support.

3. Poor Man’s WordPress SEO

As the name may suggest the Poor Man’s WordPress SEO plugin and its features come absolutely free.

The plugin has the common features including manual or automatic meta title and description for each post and XML sitemap support that automatically pings Google, Bing, and Ask. You can also enable the compression of transferred data to speed up download times.

The overall site SEO status is displayed on the admin dashboard, and individual post SEO status on the post listing. The plugin also notifies you if there are critical issues that hinder your site’s SEO.

Most of the features can be enabled or disabled via the settings page but some are always on. These include setting up canonical URLs and fixing some possible HTML validation issues.

If you suffice with only the basic SEO functionality and appreciate simplicity the Poor Man’s WordPress SEO may be an optimal solution for you.

4. Premium SEO Pack

As you may have already guessed the Premium SEO Pack is a paid plugin that helps you to optimize your WordPress site.

The plugins helps you to improve internal link building and optimize images. Sitemaps for the site and videos are supported.

Great feature is also that is helps you to optimize your content for social media services such as Twitter Cards and Facebook planner. It also handles rich snippets that can make your site look more interesting in the search results.

The basic stuff of titles, meta descriptions, etc. are all there Google Analytics support, 404 pages, and backlink builder are also part of the feature set.

With SERP tracker you can see the search engine ranking for your keywords withing your site.

The license to use Premium SEO Pack costs $44.

5. The SEO Framework

A little less popular SEO plugin is The SEO Framework.

Setting up the plugin is done in a single page with a long list of different options. For beginner user some of the options may be confusing.

There is all the basic things included: meta titles, descriptions, social media information, settings for search engine robots, sitemap.

A nice thing is that The SEO Framework offers free support for WooCommerce, bbPress, and other custom post types, as that is something that the more popular plugins make you to pay for.

If you are already familiar with SEO in WordPress The SEO Framework could be something worth looking into.

Paid features are delivered via The SEO Framework’s Extension Manager. For a single site a license costs $59 per year.


Should you pick anyone of these SEO plugins I’m sure they will help you out with the optimization work.

Some of them contain paid features and some are usable even as free versions. If you have to consider your budget it is vice to notice that some of them charge you a annual fee which can sometimes be somewhat a burden.

I recommend you to familiarize yourself by visiting their homepages and testing some of them out before making the final call.

Let the SEO be with you!